It's simple - GR Auto Gallery is the largest consignment dealer in the Mid-West. With well over 400 vehicles in-stock at any given time at our 3 Locations, and over 1,000 units sold on an annual basis, GR Auto Gallery has the tools and knowledge to get the job done and maximize your sale.   Trades - GR Auto Gallery can and will consider trades. Our experience, knowledge and resources gives us the ability to give real consideration of excellent trade offerings ranging from boats, motorcycles, and vintage cars to modern sports, touring and family vehicles. We will be creative for you.

No Hassles - GR Auto Gallery completely eliminates the hassle of selling any car. No missed appointments, no waiting on potential buyers and no negotiating. Our professional experience and knowledge coupled with our resources in every aspect of the industry, gives us the ability to represent your interests, handle all logistics, research, market, represent and sell your automotive assets.   Advertising and Exposure - From our big indoor showrooms to our big presence on the web, GR Auto Gallery goes to great lengths to make sure your car is exposed to all buyers. We have advertising accounts with all the major automotive listing sites and consistently interact with our customers on all the latest social networking forums and venues. Our inviting facilities, large indoor showrooms and complementing inventory has become destinations for all buyers local to abroad. This generates a consistent client "walk in" client base, and allows proper inspection no matter what the elements may be. Our online presence combined with our 3 physical locations brings your car to buyers all over the world.


We take extensive photographs of your vehicle for all advertising purposes.

Financing -  GR Auto Gallery can finance. We have the ability to finance any vintage vehicle over a wide range of credit ratings. This gives you the advantage of not limiting your exposure to cash only buyers.   Transportation -  A high percentage of our sales are out of state and even out of the country. We transport cars every day in and out of GR Auto Gallery. This service and our competitive pricing eliminates the burden of transportation logistics making things easy for buyer and seller.

Care and Respect for Your Vehicle -  You can be assured that your car has value to us. GR Auto Gallery has decades of experience in handling all types of vehicles, from pre-war classics to cars optioned with the latest technology. Our diverse experience lends confidence that your vehicle will be handled with knowledge and care.   Insertion Fee - GR Auto Gallery charges a $295.00 insertion fee for your consignment. We present this as a value to our clients as it covers 90 days of all the services explained above. In addition we take well over  100 high definition photographs and a 4 minute video of your vehicle. Our expert sales staff leaves no lead un-followed. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to put car in-front of buyers and know how to sell it.


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