Whether transporting your car across town, across the state or across the country, GR Auto Gallery is your resource to meet all your transportation needs.

We ship cars every day and have relationships with the best companies in the business. We offer door-to-door transportation on open and enclosed carriers, reaching all 4 corners of the country. We utlilzed an advanced system to coordinate the quickest and most affordable and highest quality transportation.

We know how to get the job done. Our volume gives you an advantage in competitive pricing. Fill out the form, Email or call us today for a quote.


International Sales

GR Auto Gallery has had the pleasure to sell vehicles all over the world and build strong relationships with other dealers and customers in foreign countries. Each month our international sales represent 30% of our total sales and we continue to attract more and more interest from countries that lust over our well represented and documented vehicles. We can make the purchase of your dream vehicle very simple and enjoyable.
We have shipped cars to six out of the seven continents and have the knowledge to set you up with the proper shippers and custom brokers that will walk you through the easy process. Dealing with our experienced sales staff and support group will make your purchase as easy as finding the vehicle in your own home city. To the right are a few logistic companies we have used in the past.



  CFR Rinkens  
  PH: 310-223-0474 

  Schumacher Cargo Logistics
  PH: 800-599-0190
  Overseas Shipping Services Inc
  PH: 877-553-5135
  US Canada Auto Transport
  PH: 800-466-6935 

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Our ZIP code is 49512 if shipping from GR Auto Gallery of Grand Rapids